What Is Your Home Really Worth?


Several Factors go into Establishing the Selling Price of Your Home:

Location. The location of your home is the foremost contributing factor in its pricing. A small house in a desirable, high-demand area may sell for more than a larger home with more features in a less sought-after area. Convenience to schools, town centers, retail areas, and recreation, for example, may affect the final selling price of your home.

Condition. A well-maintained, clean home will present better than one with much-needed outstanding repairs. Curb appeal, or a buyer’s first impression of your home’s exterior and landscaping, may determine whether or not a showing is successful.


Amenities: A home that has features that are sought after in your area will dictate a higher price.

Price Per Square Foot: The average price per square foot may be taken into consideration when pricing a home, but it is not a sure-fire method. Since many formulas exist to calculate square footage, ask your real estate agent about the most common method used in your neighborhood.

Home Warrant: A Home Protection Plan that protects a buyer during the first year of homeownership may add salability to your home.

Request a valuation of your home.

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